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Get to Know Clara

With Clara as their trusted guide, clients embark on an empowering journey embracing (peri)menopause with tools vitality so that they can embrace the full potential of this remarkable life stage.


Clara's own food and wellness journey began as a teenager when she witnessed her mother triumph over breast and liver cancer by making significant changes to her diet. This life-changing experience ignited Clara's passion to explore the extraordinary potential of food in preventing and combating diseases.


As a knowledgeable and experienced dietitian and nutrition health coach, Clara holds a 4 year degree in nutrition science combine with 1200 hours of supervised practice. She continually expands her expertise through ongoing education and specialized training.


Her unique ability to simplify complex health concepts and "Clarafy" health concepts and make it applicable to her client's situation. Clara delights in teaching her clients how to embrace nutrition as a key tool in achieving physical well-being during menopause.

Experience her dedication, expertise, and personalized guidance as you navigate the incredible connection between nutrition and optimal health through (peri)menopause and beyond!


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Facinating Facts about Clara!

First off, Clara's culinary prowess transcends the boundaries of recipes. She possesses a natural flair for concocting delightful dishes, not looking at any recipes but just cooking in the moment. 


But that's not all; Clara's linguistic ability is equally impressive. Fluent in three languages, she can bridge cultural gaps and connects with people from diverse backgrounds.


Here's a quirky tidbit: Clara has an undeniable fondness for chewing gum. It's a simple pleasure that brings a smile to her face.


Now, while Clara has a taste for unique treats, there's one thing she's not so fond of – camping. The great outdoors might not be her cup of tea, but her passion for exploring new flavors and cuisines knows no bounds.


And speaking of tastes, Clara's ultimate indulgence is Italian-type ice cream. The creamy, delectable flavors of gelato hold a special place in her heart and palate.


Clara's multifaceted personality makes her a delightful and dynamic individual to work with. Embrace the (peri)menopause journey with Clara as your guide.

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